WINNER: 2011-12 FPO Awards!

2012 — Identity for a brother-&-sister small property developer. Brother is an L.A. architect who specializes in small, affordable dwellings; sister is a Seattle copywriter. Together they have a sense of adventure & lightness, and are incredibly efficient hard workers.

Clients wanted logo, shared cards and note sheets. Clean, modern, playful, unexpected. They embraced the most ornate type, bright paper, and wild foil proposed, which is in keeping with Tangle's mission of creating delightfully unexpected spaces.

A single card serves both partners, with a slash balancing the hierarchy between them. The card flips either way, logo along the left or right edge depending on who's giving out their card. The paper is laminated in pairs of similar colors, blue with violet, yellow with green. The note sheet adapts the slash of the card so that the user can write in the part by their name, allowing for the composition to show that the writer is part of a whole.

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FPO Awards, Under Consideration, 2013